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Prostate Cancer Treatment in Las Vegas

First of all What is the prostate?

The prostate is a male reporoductive gland that produces semen.  It is located in front of the bladder and surrounds part of the urinary tube (urethra).  The urinary sphincter muscle sits in front of the prostate and is the last point of control before urine exits the body.  Therefore, the prostate is intimately involved with the urinary tract.  Just behind and lateral to the prostate are the nerves responsible for erection.  The prostate's strategic location makes its removal a delicate and highly technical task.

How is prostate cancer detected?

prostate cancer treatmentNearly one in six American men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer.   A physician can detect prostate cancer by using a combination of a blood test and a digital rectal exam.  If a man is suspected to have prostate cancer he undergoes an office based ultrasound-guided biopsy of the prostate.  Results are available in a few days.  Not every man detected with prostate cancer needs treatment for it.  Men with low volume and less aggressive type of cancer can opt to undergo active surveillance.  During active surveillance, the blood test PSA is check every few months to monitor the progression of disease.  Men with a higher volume or more aggressive disease would benefit from treatment.

What are the treatment options?

There is a range of treatment options for prostate cancer.  These include surgical removal or prostatectomy, raditation therapy, freezing therapy or cryoablation, and other experimental treatments such as proton beam therapy, cyberknife, or high-intensity focused ultrasound treatment.  The treatment choice should be made after a detailed discussion with your medical doctor, urologist, and your family.  If one choses surgery, the most advanced treatment options is robotic prostatectomy using the daVinci robotic surgical system.  Although, it is called "robotic surgery", the robot does not function on its own as a robot may on a factory assembly line.  The robotic surgical system is slave to master model where the miniturized robotic arms inside the body imitate the surgoen's movements on a control console.  The robot is only as good as the surgeon operating it.

Why should I chose Dr Lesani?

Dr Lesani has completed fellowship training in robotic surgery at Northwestern University Medical Center in Chicago, IL.   At this internationally recognized surgical center of excellence, Dr Lesani has perfected his robotic skills through rigourous training, research, and collaboration.  His novel robotic techniques have been presented internationally at the World Congress of Endourology.  He has 8 years of experience in robotic surgery and performs over 100 robotic surgeries each year.  Since his arrival to Las Vegas, he has performed many laparoscopic and robotic surgical procedures never done previously in Nevada.  His level of training and experience remains unmatched in our state.