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Alex Lesani, MD

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For men who are sure they don’t want any future children, a vasectomy is a common, simple form of male birth control. Dr. Alex Lesani, the busiest and most highly regarded surgical urologist in Southern Nevada, performs effective, comfortable vasectomy procedures at his Las Vegas, Nevada, office. He offers a minimally invasive, no-scalpel technique that results in less risk of pain, bleeding or infection. To learn more about whether or not a vasectomy is right for you or your partner, call or schedule an appointment online today.

Vasectomy Q & A

What is a vasectomy?

A vasectomy is a simple, surgical procedure Dr. Lesani performs in the office to sterilize men. The aim of the procedure is to block off the tubes in the scrotum that transport sperm to leave the body and impregnate a woman. Vasectomy procedures are highly effective and prevent pregnancy nearly 100% of the time.

How does a vasectomy work?

There are two types of vasectomies: the incision method and the no-scalpel method. Dr Lesani has been using the no-scalpel method for over 10 years with excellent results and patient satisfaction.

The no-scalpel technique allows Dr. Lesani to perform the vasectomy through a small puncture in the scrotum that requires no suturing. Compared to the surgical procedure for female sterility, vasectomy is much less invasive, doesn’t require general anesthesia, and does not carry the risks associated with an abdominal surgery. A vasectomy takes a few minutes in the office and comes with minimal downtime.

Who is a vasectomy for?

Vasectomies are meant to be permanent and irreversible. Therefore, Dr. Lesani recommends thinking it through, discussing the matter with both your partner and him, to make sure you don’t want any more children before going through with a vasectomy. If you are a man and are confident that your family is complete, a vasectomy very well may be right for you.

Is a vasectomy safe?

Dr. Lesani’s in-office vasectomy is perfectly safe. In fact, with the no-scalpel method, since there is no cut being made, there is a much lower risk of infection, bleeding, or pain and generally, it takes less time to fully heal.

You can expect to experience scrotal swelling for at least 2-3 days and bruising for up to a week. In some cases, you may also experience a feeling of heaviness in the testicles for a week or two. Dr. Lesani provides post-operative instructions to follow, such as icing and pain medication, that help ease your recovery.

A vasectomy has no effect on sexual function, and typically you can resume sexual activity about two weeks after the procedure. However, consult with Dr. Lesani first to be safe.

To learn more about Dr. Lesani’s no-scalpel vasectomy, call or schedule an appointment online today.