What Could It Mean If It Hurts When I Ejaculate?

What Could It Mean If It Hurts When I Ejaculate?

Up to 25% of men around the globe have experienced painful ejaculation at one time or another. With so many men in pain when they should be in ecstasy, you’d think you’d hear a lot more about painful ejaculation. But, if you’re like most men, you haven’t heard about it at all.

Sexual release is part of human pleasure and human health. If you’re in agony at the moment of release, you may start avoiding sex with partners and masturbation, too. The lack of full sexual expression may lead to complications, including depression, anxiety, and troubles with your relationship.

Expert urologist, Alex Lesani, MD, understands that painful ejaculation may feel like a delicate topic. You may even fear that you have a serious illness, which can further dampen your mood and desire for sex. That’s why he diagnoses and treats painful ejaculation at our Las Vegas, Nevada, clinic. 

Has your sexual pleasure turned to pain? Following are some of the most common reasons why ejaculation may be painful and what you can do to reclaim your sexuality.

You have an infection

If your urethra or other pelvic organs are inflamed by a bacterial, viral, or fungal infection, ejaculation may be exceedingly painful. You can acquire infections via sexual contact (i.e., a sexually transmitted infection [STI], which could develop into a sexually transmitted disease [STD]) without treatment.

You may also have a urinary tract infection (UTI). Although UTIs are less common in men than in women, they’re no less painful. You can develop a UTI if you have the following:

If you have an infection, Dr. Lesani prescribes antibiotics or antifungals to clear it. If you don’t have a current infection but have scar tissue from prior infections, he may recommend surgery or laser therapy to remove it.

You have BPH

Your walnut-sized prostate gland continues to grow in size as you age. Sometimes, the prostate becomes so enlarged that it causes problems with incontinence and affects ejaculation. 

Although benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), or enlarged prostate, isn’t a serious or life-threatening condition, it can seriously reduce your quality of life. The solution? Reducing the prostate’s size.

Dr. Lesani may recommend lifestyle changes, such as a healthy diet with plenty of exercise. He may also prescribe medications or laser treatments to reduce the size of your prostate. When your BPH resolves, your orgasms should be pleasure-full and pain-free.

You have an obstruction

As you might imagine, if any structure or object is stuck in or narrows your vas deferens tubes or your urethra, it won’t be a pleasant experience when you try to ejaculate semen through them. The most common obstructions that lead to painful ejaculation include:

During your workup, Dr. Lesani uses imaging studies, such as X-rays and ultrasound, to examine the health and patency of your urogenital organs. He may prescribe medications to reduce painful inflammation if he finds an obstruction. He may also advise a surgical procedure to remove or reduce the obstruction.

You have chronic pelvic pain

Painful ejaculation could be a symptom of a larger condition called chronic pelvic pain. Chronic pelvic pain is when you experience pain or discomfort in the pelvic and urogenital region for at least three months. Causes of pelvic pain include:

Dr. Lesani may recommend dietary restrictions, increased exercise, and counseling to alleviate your distress. He may also prescribe medications to keep you comfortable.

Your medications cause side effects

Some types of medications have painful ejaculation as a side effect. The most common medications to negatively influence ejaculation and orgasm are antidepressants and muscle relaxants. Dr. Lesani may advise altering the dosage or switching to another medication.

You’ve had pelvic surgery

As part of your painful ejaculation evaluation, Dr. Lesani conducts a complete personal and medical history and a physical exam. If you previously had pelvic surgery, you may have scars or adhesions contributing to your pain, Dr. Lesani recommends removing scars and adhesions. 

Don’t be ashamed of painful ejaculation or retreat from your sexuality because of it: Get the treatment you deserve to reclaim your sex life by calling our helpful team at 702-470-2579 today. You could also book your appointment online.

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